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Vastu length and breadth of the foundation of home in tamil

When a house is planned according to Vastu Shastra it has all the features that are essential to lead to a harmonious and happy life.

Vastu house plans comprise of the best designs that ensure sufficient sunlight, fresh air and positivity in and around the house. Hence, it can be said that Vastu Shastra and architecture are inseparable. What makes a house a home? Is it the decor? Or the family members? Or the peace and love that prevails amongst them? May be all the mentioned factors!! But important is to understand how to incorporate all these factors in the newly constructed walled place where you are going to reside.

And the answer to this query lies in the Home Vastu Plans. Home plans according to Vastu shastra always yield best results for the residents. So, before one lays the foundation brick of the house, it is advisable to consult an expert for free house plans according to vastu.

Vastu shastra not only provides vastu tips for bungalows but also for 1bhk and 2 bhk. Some might think that in a flat they shall own neither the land nor the terrace, then why should they follow Vastu plans for flat. But it is essential to understand that every corner of a place, whether on land or any where else, reflects cosmic energies. These energies can play magical roles in the lives of the residents. Hence, implementing vastu for flats becomes essential to attract positivity and repel negativity for the betterment of the family.

The experts who design home plans in Indian style with Vastu have mentioned that the building should be planned taking directions into consideration. House plan should be done only after dividing the land in eight parts. While designing a house as per Vastu, one should remember to have open space, balconies, door-windows, verandahs and borewells in the North or East.

All the covered areas and machines should be in the South.Vastu for home is a collective approach, what I mean here is that if you do vastu for all rooms and parts of a home then complete home automatically becomes as per vastu. Now, since you are — or have become- aware of what vastu shastra is, you are now ready to take the next step, that is, to make your home a vastu compliant one. Vastu : As you are already aware that vastu is an ancient Indian science of enhancing positive and eliminating negative energies in and around a place or person; and the more positive energies are around you, the more abundance is attracted towards you.

At this point, you must understand that all the emotions are nothing but vibrations and vibrations are — in turn — nothing but expressions of energy. Hence it is safe for me to say that a home is the place with which a family — or an individual — shares their vibrations and vice versa.

Till the time home and residents share positive energies with each other everything remains awesome, but as soon as negative energies starts to enter a home, things start to become ugly — REALLY UGLY. You must understand that for each and every positive there is a negative, hence for each and every positive feeling — or energy — there is an equal amount of negative energy present in the universe.

Obviously, the negative energy starts to affect you; not only just physically — by making you suffer medically — but also spiritually and mentally — by keeping you tensed, forcing you to take wrong decisions and much worse. What you get is a vastu compliant home which has the capability of ridding negative energy and accepting — and even enhancing — only the positive energies. This — in turn — will always have positive effect on you — as residents — and you will prosper, be successful, experience abundance and peace — always.

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Since you have read previous section of this article, it will become easier for you to comprehend and imagine the ill-effects if you happen to choose to live in vastu non-compliant home. Since you have read this far, I can safely assert that you are a responsible person and in no case you will want yourself or your family to go through any of the above mentioned — and not mentioned — negative patches. As you have seen earlier that vastu enhances positive and eliminates negative energies, hence once you do vastu for your home, you can then rest assured that you, your family and your home are always shielded from such terrible negative forces of the world.

To know how you can apply vastu for protecting your family from such negativities, all you have to do is just to read on. Actions that you can — and are going to — take NOW to ensure that your home is as per rules and guidelines of vastu shastra.

The first action which I want you to take is to have a good look at the image below, as this is the image which will enable you to understand which room or part of your home must be located at what place.

vastu length and breadth of the foundation of home in tamil

The above image will always assist you — in present and even in future — whenever you happen to do vastu for home. From the image above, you can understand that each room and part, that a home is made up of, has a designated place as per vastu shastra, and the best part is that once you have located the rooms as per rules and guidelines of vastu, half of your work is completed.

Now, to complete the remaining — simple and easy — part of the equation and do vastu for home completely, you need to understand vastu for each room and part of a home. You must take action — read, learn and understand all of them, read them carefully, understand them, memorize them, do whatever you like, but make sure you always have them handy. Once you have read and understood vastu for each room, you can easily start planning a structure for your home.

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.

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Thanks for your valuable time and please share this priceless information with your family and friends. Share After the Selection of Siteit is advisable to apply Vastu principles and tips to the design of the building. This will ensure a proportionate, aesthetic and beautiful building with the right measurements. Explained here is the Vastu Principle — Aayadi or dimension. Since Vastu is a science, it is based on logic and reasoning. Explain the Aayadi formulae? How does one fix the dimensions of a building using the Aayadi formulae?

Why was it necessary to fix dimesnions according to Aayadi in Vastu Shastra? Though the science of Vastu follows generic rules for the design of spaces, a specific set of six formulae called Aayadi are used to work out the Length, Breadth, perimeter, area and the height of the building.

Here, the length and breadth mean the outer measurements of the foundation seen above the ground. The height of the building is considered to be from the bottom of the base to the topmost point of the building. Like the other Vaastu principles, it was necessary that one follows the Aayadi formulae strictly in order to experience positive effects within the building. In fact even today, Aayadi is the only aspect of Vaastu Shastra that is followed in many parts of India.

The remainder obtained by using these formulae determines whether it is a gain or loss. If it is a gain, then the structure is proportionate and stable and the dimensions are right. One can use the Aayadi formulae to check whether the length, breadth and height of the proposed building are in proportion.

Accordingly, the dimensions of the length, breadth or height can be corrected. When an old house is being renovated, then a new Yoni different from the Yoni of the old house should be used for the renovated house.

Therefore, the Aaya should always be greater than the Vyaya. This is why we find that sites are generally not square but rectangular with a Length 1.

vastu length and breadth of the foundation of home in tamil

For example: Sites have dimensions of 40 x 60, 30 x 40 and 50 x Vastu Shastra clearly emphasizes the importance of orienting the buildings to the four cardinal directions North, East, South or West. As far as possible, buildings should not be oriented to the intermediate directions. But in rare situations, if the site faces an intermediate direction, the 1 Yoni should be used for fixing the breadth of the building. The Scientific Reasoning- The ancients were aware of the power of monsoon winds and other energies physical and metaphysical on structures.

Scientifically, it was seen that if the 4 faces of the buildings were oriented towards the cardinal directions, they could withstand the impact of these energies and also benefit from them. In fact most religious buildings, palaces, cities, villages and roads of ancient India and many other parts of the world have been found to face the cardinal directions.Click on the link below to find out more about how following factors are related with vaastu science.

Master bedroom size as per vastu in tamil www sudarshanaloka org vastu measurements for rooms in tamil www myfamilyliving com size of a master bedroom ideas vastu shastra for toilet advice vasthu in pdf bedroom vastu size vasthu for bedroom in tamil creativeadvertisingblog com bedroom size vastu in tamil snakepress com tamil vastu website. Master bedroom size as per vastu in tamil.

Master bedroom size as per vastu in tamil snakepress com image result for vastu house plans east facing 3 bed room. Standard master bedroom size as per vastu www sudarshanaloka org bedroom vastu for tips image result for vastu building size in tamil desktop bedroom vastu standard master bedroom size woole master bedroom size average living room sizes bedroom vastu size 34 bedroom vastu shastra tips must apply standard master bedroom size as per vastu.

This is the ground rule for every single room. Bedroom vastu how to make it vastu compliant. Vaastu shastra residence master bed room. Click to share on twitter opens in new window. If the length is 20 foot then the breadth lies between 10 feet to 40 feet.

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Bedroom size vastu in tamil snakepress com tamil vastu website manaiyadi sastram in vastu for rooms tips bedroom tamil vastu website manaiyadi sastram in. It is applicable to each and every room in the house.

As per bedroom vastu shastra acceptable shapes for are square or rectangular. Visit the post for more. Master bedroom sizes typical size standard image result for vastu building in tamil image result for vastu building size in tamil master bedroom size as per vastu in tamil homeviews co master bedroom size as per vastu in tamil www sudarshanaloka org.

Home main door main entrance. Master bedroom size as per vastu in tamil snakepress com image result for vastu building size in tamil desktop master bedroom size as per vastu in tamil snakepress com master bedroom size as per vastu in tamil www sudarshanaloka org.

vastu length and breadth of the foundation of home in tamil

Master bedroom size as per vastu for mirror in bathroom vastu plan for north facing plot 2 vasthurengan com 34 bedroom vastu shastra tips must apply image result for vastu building size in tamil desktop Now in case if the bedroom is rectangular then as per bedroom vastu shastra reasonable length to breadth ratio is less or equal to 12 eg. Bedroom size vastu in tamil snakepress com.

vastu length and breadth of the foundation of home in tamil

According to vastu the size of a room can have great impact on the people living in the house. Sunday, April 7, The size of the rooms according to the tamil manaiyadi shastram vastu sastra the room size has an impact on the people residing in the house. Newer Post Older Post Home. Popular Posts. Normal Bedroom Size In Kerala.House Vastu : Gruha Vastu is a very important for all the effects of our day to day life activities.

Browse through the links provided on this page "MENU" which may be bottom if you browse through mobile for more details about house structures and other parts of the house like the dining room, puja room, living room, guest room, backyard, front yard, swimming pool, kids room, storeroom etc. Some thought that, all the rooms are not important in Vastu Shastra.

But this is not true thinking. Each and every room has it's own caliber in providing the Vastu results. Some residents may get feeling that if changes made to only one room may bring all prosperity and happiness, etc, but it's not true, we have to do complete alterations to Gruham House as per Vaastu Shastra, then residents enjoy the fruits of Vasthu in extensive.

In this link, we will discuss vastu suggestions for house. Vastu for House means first we should check the placement of the house on a plot and after that only we have to check the placement of the rooms and doors position, once everything will be carefully integrated then vastu for home will be successfully completed.

Already Vastu in Gujarati is available. Nowadays many residents just reading some Vastu books or reading some content in vastu websites and check Vastu for House and doing alterations. This is not the right way of doing corrections to the property.

Dimension Measurement of room

People should be careful when they are doing renovation works as per Vastu for House. If any mistake was done at the time of renovation work, again residents should repeat the alterations, expenditure will be multiplied, waste of money, time, and peace too. We understand that the various energy fields are intersecting and interacting with each other at all place on the earth. This is applicable to our small plot also.

The cosmic energies are geo-energies, magnetic energy, etc. The scholars who knew astrology were aware of the fact that there are exaltation or debilitation for planets. The planets will give their results accordingly.

In a similar way, there are exaltation and debilitation for each direction also mentioned in vastu shastra. The exaltation and debilitation depend on the paths of solar energy of the earth planet and the magnetic energy.

But, the afternoon sun rays have negative energy which is not so useful to the body and we get easily tired when compared to the morning sun rays.The ideal plot is the one whose length and breadth are same and ideally facing each side of plot to exact north direction, south direction, east direction and west direction, and the house constructed in this plot shall also be ideal.

If utility rooms are constructed as per the norms of Vaastu Shastra the foundation should be 9 feet but due to the construction of sky rise multi-story buildings coming up, the depth of foundation shall depend on the load bearing capacity of soil, the number of storeys that are going to be constructed and the materials used.

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As per Manushyalacandrika, 12m is an ideal minimum width of the plot. Length is governed by Legnth Breadth proportions. Ideally, the proportion of length and breadth should bebut it is used for temples only. We can adopt any other ratio which is satisfactory as per padayoni principles and calculations.

Most popular tags. Similar Questions. Please log in or register to add a comment. Please log in or register to answer this question. Our house is facing in the direction of south. We want to extend it, Is there any problem with South direction? How does the size of a plot impact home environment according to Vastu?

Vastu Tips For House And Flats Plan

What should be the proportion of length and breadth of the house? Is only North or East facing plots are good according to vastu?

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We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information. Get Your Own Community.Coronavirus: stay at home Leave your home if it's necessary.

We had better locate a house on the South-West corner of a plot leaving very little space as the South and the Western sides as shown in the diagram. Various rooms such as Bed rooms, Kitchen rooms, Pooja room, Dining and other rooms should be fixed as shown in the diagram to get good results.

The measurements are to be taken from the centre of one wall to the centre of another wall. In accordance with the site area and space the measurements of the rooms to be adjusted.

Vastu for House {How To Find A Good House With Vastu} Gruha Vastu | Home Vastu

Compass Indicates only Northern side of the plot. Based on this, house plan can be made. The length and breadth of the- house, verandah etc. For each plot, plan marking's should start from south-western, corner, in the same way any structure like, factory, workshop' cinema hall, parks should be constructed. Equipment required for planning is set squares wooden pegs, rope or thread, and a tape not less 25feet.

The central hall should be of 4 metres wide as per rules. While constructing Bungalows, palaces, wedding halls heights should be changed accordingly. Walls should rise higher than normal heights Before constructing a house, a shed can. When it is decided to construct a house with all facilities, it is important to take the suggestions of Vastu experts and plan accordingly with the help of an Engineer or Architect or a Draughtsman; Proper estimates can be made with their help. Whatever may the size of the plot, house should be constructed as per the capacity of the owner.

Second house can be constructed on Northern or Eastern sides. Some open space should be left between the two houses. In B, C. Chinese worked well in the field of culture, science. They knew the value and use of the magnetic piece. With its help they prepared the compass needle which held those in locating the correct positions of the needing for construction a house- Their buildings resembled the Bowddha Sthupa. Each wall should be straight and should not take bends. Wall construction should not be stopped in the middle, By constructing half of a wall in one phase and the second half in the second phase will cause death and fears.

Irrespective of Main entrance house should not be constructed without walls on south and western sides, if constructed it will cause many ill health problems, other misfortunes and loss of money.

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As per the old tradition the oblong walls of the central room are to be considered as children. If there oblong walls left half constructed than the family living in such house will have monetary losses, abortions, loss of male children. The cross walls of the central hall are considered as wives of the owner, Eastern walls are related to man and Northern walls to a women.

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